Amber and John

How We Met

We caught each other’s eye in the summer of 2014 when Amber started working at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego. I was working in the upstairs green room pouring drinks and rubbing elbows with the hotels VIP’s, while Amber worked downstairs in the sales office known as B1. My dad always warned me not to dip my pen in the company ink…. but I’m glad I didn’t listen. Every morning I would look forward to my daily meeting where I would pass by Amber’s desk… Often I would “forget” to print my morning reports just so I would have an excuse to stop by her desk to ask her to print for me:) We soon found ourselves looking for any excuse to bump into each other. Lunches in the cafeteria turned into after work happy hours and by August we were an item that even HR approved of.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Paris, France

Just a few months into dating the marketing team asked us to star in this date night promo video. We were both pretty nervous considering they were asking us to act in love when we hadn’t even said that four letter word to each other..but turns out it came quite naturally to us. Watch it here.

How They Asked

John and I had been planning a big two week trip to Europe. Our first stop was Paris, France. Getting engaged on this trip wasn’t even a possibility… there is no way John would travel all the way from California with a ring! I am also the planner in this relationship and admittedly noisy so there is no way he could pull this off without me knowing…but boy was I wrong. After a day of playing tourist, we went to visit the Eiffel Tower and planned to have a picnic in the park. John was acting a little weird trying to kill time and asking to take photos, which made me think something was up…turns out he was timing it to meet up with a photographer he had hired to catch the big moment!

When we finally reached the top John got down on one knee and being the jokester he is I wouldn’t put it past him to get down on one knee in front of the Eiffel Tower as an opportunity to get a laugh, but when he pulled out that ring I knew he was serious. Our very first night in Europe with hundreds of people around he popped the big question and a photographer popped out of the bushes to catch it all. Despite the jet lag, it was truly the perfect engagement and a total surprise.

Special Thanks

Rachael Laporte
 | Photographer