Amber and Daniel

How We Met

Daniel and I met in 2006. He was in the army away on tour. One of the guys decided to write to a local ladies magazine to ask for pen-pals for the guys who had no other contact aside from parents for 6 months. I wrote and had Daniel and 2 other guys write back. They later had a welcome home party and we met in person. I didn’t know at the time but Daniel had had surgery that day, and against doctors orders, still came and still drank. So i thought he was weird and tried to avoid him! We ended up friends though and both wanted to date but never had the courage to do so. After a couple of years as good friends we lost contact. Skipping to 2013 I was working at a construction company when they got a job in the suburb Daniel had just purchased a house the last time we had been in contact so was reminded of him. I looked on Facebook but didn’t find him. A couple of weeks later though I got a request from him! We caught up and were friends for a couple of months before Daniel finally admitted he liked me. I asked ‘well what are you going to do about it’ thinking it would take him awhile. The next night he turned up at my house with roses to ask me on a date. We became a couple when on Anzac Day i went clubbing until 4 am but got up at 5 am to go to a dawn service because he asked. I am not a morning person and thought why am I doing this!?’.

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how they asked

In May 2016 after 2 years together, we found out we were having a baby! We discussed getting married before the arrival but it seamed so much before the due date. We had our scans but being low risk and healthy, 20 weeks was the last ultrasound. I decided to book a private 4 D scan at 29 weeks just to see our baby again. Before the scan Daniel was acting strange and gave it away but i ended up so busy by the time we got to the scan i had forgotten my suspicions! A friend overheard Daniel speak to my midwife about not having called him back. I asked him and he admitted he asked her when our next scan was. The hard part for him was that i never told him or my midwife the name of where i booked. He called a bunch of places until one admitted we had a booking and made his plans!

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The scan was going as normal but baby was in a squished spot. I got up and jumped and danced and made myself look stupid! We finally got some good views. The technician was labeling body parts on the screen.

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She started to write ‘will…’ and i knew what it was going to say. I burst into tears. She continued to write ‘will you marry my daddy?’ And brought us chocolate strawberries!

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