Amber and Zachary

Image 1 of Amber and Zachary

How We Met

Zach and I met through mutual friends at St. Ambrose University. I was in graduate school for my Master of Social Work Degree and Zach was going through his union apprenticeship to become a HVACR Journeyman. From the moment we met in 2016 we have been inseparable!

How They Asked

Thee cutest engagement ever — I had one of those cute doormats on the front step that said “The Corsons, eventually, Zach just hasn’t asked yet”. On our four year anniversary 10/29/2020, Zach had our entire day planned out. He took me to the restaurant we met at, the place we had our first date, and then home to cook a fancy dinner! When we got home I noticed there was a package delivered at the front door, when I went to pick it up, under the package revealed a new doormat with the phrase “The Corsons, coming soon, Zach finally asked”. I turned around and he was on one knee behind me! A covid engagement is the only bright part of 2020 and now we cannot wait to get married! We are planning our wedding for the same date, October 29, 2021 to keep our date ♥️ And you should know — the package was empty, his dad came over and played delivery man while we were out on our day date. The package was only there to lure me to the front porch!