Amber and Will

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How We Met

We grew up together in Aledo, TX. We have known each other for over half of our lives now, so it is hard to pinpoint where or when it even all started! Our best guess is probably around age 11 when we were at Aledo Middle School.

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how they asked

From Will: Amber and I started dating on a trip up to Possum Kingdom Lake a few years ago. I knew that the second I brought her back to the lake, she would realize that I was planning to propose. I wanted to plan a way to throw her off, so I took her to the spot where we first started dating while our friends and family set up a second location with flowers and candles. When we got to the spot overlooking the lake, I asked her to dance with me. After not proposing where and when I was sure she would expect it, I walked her back to the pier at the lake house. When we got there, I led her down a trail of pictures from the beginning of our relationship up to that day – along the way were plenty of roses and candles in mason jars. At the end of the pier, I knelt down and proposed. The best reaction of that day was when she shouted “I need to go call my mom!!!” but I had her secretly waiting up at the house with the rest of our friends and family.

From Amber: Will proposed to me when I absolutely least expected it! I thought he was going to ask me to marry him when he asked me to dance at the exact spot where we started dating. He planned it perfectly though, because it caught me completely off guard when we arrived at the pier at the lake house, and the entire dock was lit up with candles. Every single picture that was strung up on the dock was filled with happy memories from our friendship and our relationship. It was something out of a dream! The icing on the cake was him surprising me with all of our family and friends! I am the luckiest girl on Earth.

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