Amber and Warren

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How We Met

We both worked at a local Chevrolet car dealership. I was the receptionist and he was a salesmen, but we didn’t talk much. Of course I had to transfer calls to him often, and page him to the front salesfloor, but we didn’t speak much beyond necessary interaction. One afternoon, in May of 2015, he asked if I would like to go on the lake with him and his friends on his boat for the afternoon. I was very interested in going, since I did think he was cute(: but asked if my friend could join since we already had planned to hangout that night.

After that afternoon on the lake, he walked me to my car and asked to see me again. He took me on a formal date to a restaurant overlooking that same lake that following Friday, and since then we have been inseparable.

how they asked

It was November 30th, 2018. We were headed to Gatlinburg, TN for the weekend for his families annual mountain trip. This was my second year tagging along, and I was looking forward to the weekend getaway. It was my favorite time of year, when the streets are filled with holiday lights and everyone seems full of joy. It was getting dark when we arrived at the house, and the view of the city lights downtown was amazing. I really did not think the weekend could get any better than this.

We explored the mountain house with our friends, then I ventured upstairs to check out our room for the weekend. Warren followed me upstairs, and proceeded to sit on the bed and chat with me while I unpacked our things. Then out of nowhere, he grabbed my hands and asked me to look at home and answer one question for him. He asked me if I would marry him one day and of course I said yes, but this was a common topic for us to talk about. I was not shocked by his question nor was I anticipating him to actually be asking for my hand in marriage in that moment, so I kept unpacking. Next thing I knew, he got down on one knee and asked me the same question…but with a beautiful ring!!! Through all of the tears and repetitive “what?! Huh!? Really?!?” Of course I said yes!

It wad an amazing moment between the two of us and the weekend was full of celebrations! It was just perfect! <3

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