Amber and Vincent

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How We Met

Vince and I met through a dating application called Tinder. Romantic, huh? It was never my intention to use this app, my close friend at the time actually made my profile for me. She was constantly getting all these “matches” and I had yet to get a single one! Then and there, I proclaimed, “If I don’t get a match by the end of the night, I’m DONE!”. About an hour later, I matched with only one guy…Vincent DelVecchio. I then patiently waited for him to make a move. Hours and hours passed and my patience grew thin. I then decided to take matters into my own hands and say the only thing I could think of, “Hi :)”. That was July 27th, 2014. We quickly found each other interesting and really wanted to meet in person. He asked me out to a local pizza place in Richmond VA called Mellow Mushroom. That date was on August 1st, 2014 and we have literally been inseparable since.

how they asked

Vince and I had already discussed the topic of marriage, and it was known that it was definitely going to happen. He even asked my dad for permission. Vince’s parents’ best friends are jewelers and they even told us they would make me my own ring. That being said, I was completely caught off guard for the proposal. On June 15th, 2016 my best friend asked for my hand in marriage. I was off from work that day and our busy lives were taking a toll on me. I asked Vince that morning if we could break away and have a “date night” when he got off from work. I suggested a local park called Maymont. We are both in love with Japanese culture and I was dying to see their Japanese Garden. Little did I know, that was Vince’s proposal spot. He quickly responded “of course honey!” to my request and got our friends Paul Dearman and Rolston Jackman on the phone. It wasn’t his initial plan to propose that day, but he decided to spontaneously move up the date. That evening I picked him up from work, and we made our way to the park. It was the most gorgeous garden I had ever seen. I asked if we could take a picture in front of the waterfall. He walked me over to the bridge and our friends were lining up the shot. I turned around to strike a pose and there he was getting down on one knee.

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To control the sudden rush of emotion I started laughing uncontrollably, not even knowing that this was happening! He so sweetly took my hand and asked if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, and I…said….YES!

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