Amber and Tom

How We Met

I’m going to start by saying something so cliche… I never thought I would have fallen in love the way I did, especially with Tom. We met in high school, had mutual friends & all of a sudden one of us “friend requested” the other on Facebook. We would flirt then blow each other off & cancel dates. That happened for a few months. Then we started hanging out more & more, meet each other’s families and became an official couple. Now, to be completely honest, I was always the one who said “I’m never getting married.” Or “I don’t want kids!” Six years later we were on my annual family vacation on Lovers Beach in Cabo & my boyfriend was proposing. EVERYONE in my life knew it was going to happen besides me & now I’m getting married & recently I’ve had the most extreme baby fever ever. We’re tying the knot in September 29th of 2018. Planning a wedding and being in nursing school is hard, but it feels like the best thing to be doing at this very moment in my life. I’m TOTALLY looking forward to 2018. *insert all the heart eyes here*

how they asked

It was TOTALLY a surprise. We were on Lovers Beach in Cabo Mexico & we posed to take a picture & Tom handed the passerby the camera & told her not to push anything because it was recording. He came to my side & I was standing in my pose for what felt like forever. I looked to my left & he was on his knee. Instant tears!! …. of course a “YES” followed!!

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