Amber and Tim

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How We Met

Our love story started in the summer of 2007 before starting high school all thanks to our best friend Hailey. Hailey officially introduced me to Tim at the good ole Mississippi Valley Fair that summer. Hailey tried to convince Tim to ask me to homecoming freshman year…he didn’t, but somehow ended up dancing the night away with me anyways. Fast forward to the junior year of high school, Tim wasn’t going to make the mistake of not asking me to homecoming again. Sure enough, Tim asked me to homecoming & I said yes! We made a great duo with our aviator sunglasses!

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We spent a lot of time together between AP Chemistry class and hanging out on weekends with our group of friends. On October 24, 2009, my dance team was hosting a trivia night. There was even a “boyfriends” table that Tim was asked to sit at (even though we were not dating….yet). When I returned home after trivia night, there was a candlelit path leading out to the cornfield. At the end of the path was a pumpkin that was carved “Will U Go Out With Me?” And just like that Tim appeared out of the cornfield! We have been together ever since <3

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how they asked

On March 25, 2017, we took a trip to Galena, IL for “Wine Lovers’ Weekend” for my birthday (imagine that… me wanting to go wine tasting for my birthday). It was a very chilly day, and on top of that, lots and lots of rain. Of course, we had to bring the giant red and black umbrella so we could both fit underneath it. Before the wine tasting, we went and walked around downtown Galena. I was all excited to sample all of the homemade salsas and dips while Tim only had a few (he will tell you he was very nervous carrying the ring in his pocket and preparing for the big moment!) When it came close to wine tasting, we headed back towards the car. We had to cross the walkbridge in order to get to the car. While on the bridge, Tim pulled the classic “gotta tie my shoe.” And just like that, in the pouring rain, Tim asked me to marry him. I, of course, responded with “YES” with tears of joy running down my face!

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Tim even arranged for a photographer to be there to capture this special moment we will remember forever. In the photographer’s words, “it was like a movie scene from “The Notebook.”

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