Amber and Steven

How We Met

We met on Tinder, which was not the most romantic “how we meet” story. But from the very beginning, he knew how to catch my attention. I have Big Bang Theory, psychology, and books in my tagline, and he started the conversation by talking about Sheldon and his potential autism – Which is a topic that I can NOT not engage in! We chatted online for a few months, and once we met, we knew we would get along very well! We started hanging out more frequently – exploring restaurants and food trucks, hiking, watching movies, biking… After a month or two, he finally asked me to be his girlfriend! :)

how they asked

My sister and I randomly decided to book a trip to Iceland on our spring break, and we thought it would be fun to drag our boyfriends along! Being the big planner that I am, I put together an extensive itinerary, including an adventure to find a secret waterfall, Bruarfoss. I am daring and love taking pictures on cliffsides, so as soon as I saw the secret waterfall, I ran right to it to start taking pictures of the breathtaking, ice blue waterfall.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Bruarfoss, Iceland

I then heard Steve walking toward me, onto the cliff. I was very surprised, as he is very scared of heights and generally stays away. He started talking to me as I was still trying to find the best angle to take the perfect picture of this beautiful place. I honestly can’t remember what he said, until I heard, “Will you travel to places beautiful like this with me, forever?”

Amber's Proposal in Bruarfoss, Iceland

He went down onto one knee before I had time to process what he said. I started crying…and realized that my sister and her boyfriend was totally in on it and recorded the whole thing!

Our Video

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