Amber and Scott

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How we met: We first met in the eighth grade, in algebra class. We liked each other, but in typical middle school fashion, we were too embarrassed to make a direct move. He asked one of my friends to find out if I liked him, but when she asked me, I was so shy that I told her that I didn’t.

After eighth grade, we didn’t see each other again until junior year of high school, when we had English class together.  He had a crush on me starting in the fall and I knew it – he made sure to talk about how much he liked me in front of one of my best friends. He would always make sure to talk to me when I walked into class, and would sit in my seat to “talk to his friends” before class. Finally in April I admitted that I liked him too, and he ended up asking me out while we were slow dancing at junior prom.

Scott is actually my first boyfriend. If you had told  me then that we would last and be engaged, I probably wouldn’t have believed you, but I am so happy that its all worked out as it has!

how they asked: We both attend Texas A&M University. At our school, there is a tree called the Century Tree, and legend has it that if you walk under it with someone, you will be with them forever (and if you walk under it alone, you will be alone forever). I had always dreamed about getting engaged there.

About a month before he proposed, Scott was asking me a lot of questions about how I wanted him to propose and what type of ring I wanted. Then we went home for Easter and he was talking to my dad alone. Because of all that, I was getting suspicious The next week though, he was completely disinterested in talking about our engagement and he claimed that he “had just had a little bit of engagement fever” the previous week. I was completely confused, and still a little suspicious, but he swore up and down that he couldn’t afford a ring until after he worked over the summer. He was so emotional about wishing we could get engaged but not being able to afford a ring that I let the subject go.

Scott is a member of the Corps of Cadets, which is the ROTC program that we have on campus. Cadets have to wear a uniform to class every day, and seniors have custom made leather riding boots as a part of their uniform. Its a huge deal when you finally get to wear the senior boots, which happens the last Saturday before the semester ends at Final Review, when cadets are “promoted” to their rank for the next year. It was so important to him that his and my family were coming up for the day when he would get his boots.

Scott told me that one of his friends was going to propose to his girlfriend under the Century Tree after Final Review, and he was going to be a part of the saber arch for it. I was pretty mad, because what he was describing was exactly what I wanted! I agreed to go watch the proposal anyway, but I ranted to anyone who would listen about how much I wished it was me, including some of his friends.

I was still kind of suspicious that it would be for me and he was just making up an elaborate hoax to throw me off. The night before Final Review, I text one of my best friends to tell her my suspicions, but she crushed my dreams by telling me that Scott had just told her that he wanted to wait until December to propose. With that, I let the dream die.

The next day after Final Review, I was waiting in a building with his family. (my family had gone to help my brother move out of his dorm) Scott was going to text me when the proposal was about to start, and I was getting mad because it was taking forever and Scott’s family had driven three hours to come see him, but he wasn’t even with us! Finally he text me to head over to the Century Tree. I was looking at my phone as I walked over, so as I got close I didn’t notice that it was Scott standing under the tree, not his friend! One of Scott’s buddies, Garrett, came walking over to me and offered out his arm and said “Ms. Malik, may I escort you?” I just stared at him because I was so confused! I’m pretty sure I asked Garrett if this was a joke like 6 times during our short walk.

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Then once we made it to Scott, I asked him if it was real, too! I just couldn’t believe how well he had hid this from me!

As Scott escorted me under the tree, I saw two of my best friends standing near the tree with cameras – including Ashleigh, who I had just told me the nigh before that Scott wanted to propose in December! They had known for a week, and hid it from me even with all the whining I did about how much I wished I was getting the proposal. I admire them for that for sure!

The proposal itself was honestly a blur. I was so excited and happy that I couldn’t stop smiling and giggling. I remember he read me a poem that we had both loved from high school. When dropped to one knee and pulled out the ring, my mind went blank. He was kneeling there for a long time until I finally realized that I had to say YES, not just sit there and smile at him. Once I finally got the word out, he slid the ring on my finger and I jumped up to kiss him.

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Then I said (unintentionally loudly so that literally everyone watching heard) “You are such a good liar!!” I could have just stood under the tree hugging him forever, I was so happy, but eventually he reminded me that there were people waiting for us.

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After we walked out from under the tree, we were bombarded my hugs from so many people. It was seriously the best moment of my life. I couldn’t have asked for better.

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