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How We Met

Our story starts out like so many before us, in high school. While we both attended the same schools for middle and high school and probably passed one another a thousand times, we did not start talking until a few weeks into our senior year. During our second period of the school day a few weeks into the start of the school year, I ran into him changing clothes in the guidance counselor’s office. We were both to be TA’s for different classrooms and in that moment I vowed to stay away from the weird “Changing Clothes in the Guidance Office Boy.” Low and behold two hours later I discovered we had AP Calculus together and decided to give him another chance. As we got to know one another we realized that we had a certain chemistry that was deeper than any friendship. After we graduated high school, we went on our separate ways for college and lost connection.

7 years later, shortly before my 25th birthday, Scott contacted me and we rekindled that seemingly lost connection. Right away, we could both tell that nothing had changed in regards to how we felt towards one another. We would spend hours on the phone, talking about absolutely nothing and text all day just to be in contact with one another. Soon after reconnecting, we decided to met up in person, and if there was ever a rocky start to a weekend, we experienced it. Yet after that weekend we knew our chemistry was still undeniable. Shortly there after, I drove six hours to see him for a weekend. I was curious about what we were and where this relationship was going so I questioned him while he made us dinner. To my surprise he had planned out the next day, and when we got to a dinner he had planned that night, he asked me to be his girlfriend.

Amber and Scott's Engagement in Charlotte, NC

how they asked

Both he and my best friend planned for me to get a massage the morning of my birthday. Once I got out of the massage my best friend was waiting to drive me home. Once I got in the car she told me to check my phone just in case Scott had texted me. I checked my phone and he had indeed sent me a text telling me to check my trunk. Little did I know my adventure was about to begin. When I checked my trunk I found a bouquet of my favorite flowers as well as two cards. The first card including happy birthday messages from his coworkers and the second was the first of seven letters I would receive that day. It detailed out the first steps in what he called his master plan and gave me the idea that he would be proposing that day.

I immediately burst into tears upon the realization that the love of my life was going to ask me to marry him. The first letter sent us to our second location, the apartment he and I share. When we got back to the apartment he had left my favorite breakfast foods, pictures of he and I, as well as the second letter. This letter instructed me to head back to the place where we first fell in love, our old high school, Sun Valley.

Once I reached Sun Valley I found my mother, brother, and sister waiting for me outside to give me gifts as well as the next letter. I was then escorted inside the school to the Guidance Office where we first fell in love. Then it was on to the next location outlined in the third letter, the location of our first date, Discovery Place. Upon my arrival at Discovery Place a map, made by him, was provided to me so that I could go back to where we took our first couple picture in Discovery Place. There one of my sorority sisters/best friends waited with two of my male best friends. They presented me with a fourth letter which would take me to where he asked me to be his girlfriend, a restaurant called Revolution Pizza. Upon arrival at Revolution my oldest friend and her boyfriend awaited me.

They gave me a birthday crown to wear along with the fifth letter. By this point I was a bundle of nerves as well as hungry. He planned for me to have all of my friends with me, that had provided me letters thus far to gather and eat at one of my favorite restaurants. Once we were done we were to go to Jazzy’s Cheesecakes, where I was to get my sixth letter. Once I arrived at Jazzy’s another of my oldest and dearest friends waited for me. Here I picked up my birthday cake that he had ordered and my sixth letter. This letter led us back to my apartment for the seventh and final letter. Upon arrival back at our apartment I opened the door to see that he had come back at some point during the day to decorate.

I again broke down in tears at the thoughtfulness of it all. The final letter instructed me to get dressed because I was headed to the proposal location next. He had scheduled a makeup artist to come and coordinated with my friends to make sure I was set and ready to go by 5:45PM. He had a friend come and pick me up and as they drove me to the proposal location a playlist featuring all of my favorite songs played. He also included a gift basket with all of my favorite things for the ride.

Once I got to the proposal location, a hill outside of an old house he lived in where we both said we loved one another for the first time, he had friends and family next to a pathway lit with candles that led to a canopy that he stood under. I walked towards him, ready to say yes before he could even ask the question. Once I got to him he grabbed my hands and asked me if I enjoyed the day.
I told him of course. Everything else he said to me will remain between us but at the end of it he asked me to be his wife and I said YES!

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