Amber and Patrick

Amber's Proposal in Harder Kulm, Switzerland

How We Met

Almost 5 years ago I went to Boston to visit my best friend at college. We decided to go to a party that night and I first was introduce to my now fiancé. He told us to come to a family dinner (potluck style) and bring some food. Quickly excited I shouted OMG I’ll bring the broccoli! The following day we had a feast with my best friend, my fiancé and all of his closest friends. I hardly knew anyone but managed to make small talk before we decided to head out for a party. We ended up going back to my best friends apartment and she threw a party. Before I knew it the drinks were flowing and I was chatting away. Patrick (now fiancé) asked me to be his beer pong partner. I decided why not and it was the best decision I ever made. We had so much fun and not mention argued a bit about the color of his shirt (which was salmon). We ended up having a blast that night. I woke up in the morning to a text from him asking to possibly go grab dinner that night. Now mind you I had a bus to catch home because I had work on Monday morning at 8am. I decided to skip my bus and go on a date with him, he took me to our now favorite sushi place in Boston. We talked for hours and dropped a few pieces of sushi along the way. Our conversations felt so natural I couldn’t believe it. We talked about goals, ambitions, family and everything in between. In that exact moment I knew one day I would be marrying him.

how they asked

My boyfriend (now fiancé) and I have been planning our trip to Europe for about four months now. Our first stop was Barcelona and then we headed to Switzerland which was our number place on the list. We are very outdoorsy people and love hiking and camping and we felt this place had it all. On April 27th 2018 he told me to get dressed up because he had planned something. Knowing Patrick he would always research a very beautiful dinner place that’s where I thought we were going. We headed to this mountain side tram and hopped on. We reached the peak which was a soaring 4,337 feet high above Interlaken, Switzerland. I quickly rushed over to the walk out bridge because the view was unbelievable. I was pointing out the paragliders (because I was begging to go) and just as I turned around he was on one knee. He was holding the most beautiful ring and could only spit out I love you will you marry me. After I said yes we laughed and cried a bit I found out he hired a photographer and got it all on film. We had the most amazing view and the best proposal I could have only dreamed of.

Special Thanks

John Wisdom