Amber and Nicholas

How We Met

We both attended Stephen F Austin Middle School in Bryan, Tx and at the time Nick was dating one of my friends. A few months had passed and at the time we had Mac Books and AIM was extremely popular, one night I had fallen asleep with AIM open and when I woke up I had several messages from Nick. When I got to the bottom of the messages, Nick had asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend well as most of you know -middle school relationships do not last long. Our freshman year of high school, I attended St. Joseph Catholic School and Nick attended Bryan High School and we eventually lost touch until our sophomore year of high school when I transferred to Bryan High School. One the first day of school I walked into my world history class and there were Nick and his ex-girlfriend both in my class- what are the chances! A few months pass by and we start texting each other and eventually, Nick asks me to go on a date. Our idea of a date at the time was to go to Pizza Hut and then to my choir’s spring program. After dinner, he walked me out to his blue Camaro and told me to cover my eyes, and in the passenger seat, there were flowers and a teddy bear and a note asking me to be his girlfriend. Oh, and on the way to the choir program, he turned down a wrong way street and almost killed me! From then on we dated on and off throughout high school and eventually broke up our senior year. At the end of my senior year, I had taken a trip to New York and did not have my phone so when I had gotten back home I checked my Facebook messages and there was a message from Nick-wanting to re-connect! Nick started his freshman year at Texas A&M and I started my freshman year at Blinn College and then transferred to Sam Houston State. We dated long distance if you want to call it that considering- I only lived in Huntsville 3 days out of the week! After graduating from Texas A&M, Nick moved to Waco to begin his career at Coca Cola while I continued school at Sam Houston. I would drive every other weekend to visit him and eventually moved to Waco a few months prior to my graduation and I guess the rest is history!

How They Asked

Nick and I have dated for 12 years, and all of our friends were constantly asking “are y’all ever going to get married?”. Eventually, I got so annoyed with everyone asking and also waiting for Nick to commit that I told him in February 2020 that he had until the end of the year to propose or I would sell the goats and move out! Of course, he just chuckled and asked where are you going to move to? and I told him to wait and find out. Fast Forward to June 2020, Nick comes home from work and we were going to dinner with some of our friends and before we leave for dinner his mom calls and I overhear her on the phone ask him “Does she know?” and I thought to myself that’s weird but I didn’t think anything of it. When we went to dinner I had gotten up to go to the restroom and when I came back Nick was sitting in between my two friends and one of their husbands yell “AMBER ALERT” and this is when I really started to get suspicious that something was going on. So I texted my friends Hazel and Brittany and told them that I think that Nick had bought a ring and what had happened at dinner. Well if anyone knows me, knows very well that I hate surprises so I decided to be sneaky and go through Nick’s phone..well there I saw a ring on his phone and I immediately texted Hazel and told her. Well little did I know she was in on it the entire time and was playing like she didn’t.

I texted her that Nick knew that I went through his phone and I didn’t think he was going to propose now because I was being nosy! Once Nick had found out that I snooped through his phone, he started talking about wanting to go to The Republic once we get back from Florida “to try someone else’s steak” which I thought was kind of odd because he never wants to go out to eat! Then a few days later, he texts me asking to book a photographer to come out to our house to take pictures of us with our dogs and the goats a few weeks after we get back from Florida. At this point, I figured he was playing mind games because he HATES taking pictures multiple times a year! The next week we went on vacation in Destin and took family photos on the beach and I just knew Nick wasn’t going to propose due to me being nosy! The photographer had me turn around and look at the ocean to take pictures of just me and when I turned around there was Nick on one knee asking me to marry him. I couldn’t believe it, he had FINALLY asked me to be his wife! He will tell you I ugly cried which I did but they were tears of excitement!

Image 3 of Amber and Nicholas

Special Thanks

Debbie Lockey
 | Photographer