Amber and Matt

How We Met

Matt & I met through his cousin, Ashley, on Facebook. I was living in Alabama and he was living in Virginia. We got to know each other from the inside out and learned so much about one another. We started talking in June 2013. We met in Atlanta in July 2013. Matt was just what I needed. He was, and still is, so kind. He was a complete gentleman not only to me, but to our waitresses and other people. When he talked about his family and friends, I saw his genuine love for them. Ever since the beginning, everything has been easy with him. He is easy to love, laugh with, and be around. My soul fell in love with him. He became my best friend. We traveled back and forth to see each other, pretty much every month. Each time I saw him, the “see-ya-laters” got harder and harder. I had planned on moving to Virginia in May 2014. Matt popped the question in April 2014.

how they asked

When Matt proposed, I had no idea that it was coming. He chose the airport because that is where we said all of our “hellos” and “see ya laters” for nearly a year. I was coming for a visit and then got the surprise of a lifetime! He worked with Dulles Airport and went through extensive security checks to be able to ask the way he did. He had people following me from the time I got off of the plane, until I got to him, videoing my every move. I was clueless! I overheard our favorite song playing and was so busy texting Matt and family that I walked right by him waiting for me! He had to grab my arm to get my attention! I was blown away! At first I thought he just had brought me flowers, but then I was denied a hug and he got down on one knee! It couldn’t have been any sweeter & we are still so thankful for the team at Dulles Airport for helping Matt make this the best proposal ever! He still is the sweetest, most thoughtful man and the best husband a girl could ask for!