Amber and Levi

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How We Met

Before I can tell how we met, I just want to fill you in on where we are from. I’m from the USA and Levi is from Canada. So now, Picture it: Lausanne, Switzerland.

I met Levi when I was traveling throughout Europe with an organization called Youth With A Mission. My team and I were musicians and we were traveling from Biarritz, France to Montreux, Switzerland for the annual, international Jazz Festival.

Levi was part of the staff team when we arrived at the place where we were staying for the next two weeks. Everyday, we would travel to Montreux from Lausanne and spend over 12 hours at the festival putting on performances and sharing the love of God with people.

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At night, after we all got back (which was typically around midnight) we would get tea, play cards, talk and hang out. We both agree Levi liked me first- (haha!) but we agreed we liked each other and there was something there. Soon after spending as much time around each other as we did, we knew that we would either give it up and let it be a story where we met this person during our time in Youth With A Mission, or we would pursue it.

Long story short, Levi and I kept in contact and we would spend hours at a time on Skype talking to each other. I went to Europe and to Canada to visit him in the year after we met. And 1 year after being best friends, he asked me to be his girlfriend. Levi came to the States to visit me, and our relationship has been a very interesting one at that. But, oh so beautiful.

how they asked

It was an ordinary day. A Thursday to be exact. Levi had dropped me off at work, and asked me like he usually does if I wanted to have a picnic dinner at the beach that night. I agreed, and went to work. We had lunch together that day and all was seemingly normal. He picked me up from work, but he was a few minutes late- which is not like him since he is usually about 10 minutes early. I was a bit suspicious but we began to drive home so we could get dinner and go to the beach. While we were talking he suggested we go to one of the beaches that we hadn’t been to in a while, but was our special place. I figured, “why not?”.

When we got home, I went to change and he waited. When I came down the stairs he said, “hey I was thinking, why don’t you test run that new dress you got? I’ll change too.” (again, I was suspicious! what is going on??! But, I stayed quiet.) So, I put on my new dress and we got in the car and drove to our place. About 5 minutes into the drive he said “shoot! I forgot the guitar!”

At that point, I was hungry and tired, so I asked him if we really needed it. He turned around and got the guitar and asked me if I would mind playing some songs tonight since I was the only one who knew how to play guitar.

We finally arrived at our beach, and sat down to eat our delicious tacos (that he got before he picked me up! sneeeaky!) He pulled out the guitar and started tuning it for me to play. BUT, I had taco hands and no napkins! So he said, “since your hands are dirty, I was thinking I could play a song.” and started to play a song on the guitar! I was soo shocked and impressed!

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It was one of my favorite worship songs and I started to sing along with him.

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After the song was over, he got up and asked me to stand up with him. (at this point, I was pretty aware of what was going to happen next! ahhh!)

Levi said some really special things to me, got down on his knee, and asked me to marry him.

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It was one of the most special days ever.

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My most favorite things: sunset at the beach, music, tacos, and him. WOW.

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My face literally hurt and I was on cloud 9.

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I am so excited to be marrying my best friend and fellow adventurer!

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Special Thanks

Brittany Hoy
 | Photographer