Amber and Lee

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How We Met

We actually met during a night out. My girls were gone for the weekend so I decided to accompany a friend to an event in downtown Austin. Boredom ensued about an hour into the event in which my friend and I decided to go to a favorite local pub. It just so happened that Lee was at the same pub with a few of his friends. It turns out Lee and I had mutual friends, one being the person I was out with that night, so we spent the rest of the day-night hanging out and getting to know each other. We ended up exchanging numbers and spent the next week chit-chatting through text. Lee asked me out to dinner, and although I was hesitant, he persisted. We went on our first date a week after meeting each other and the rest is history. We have basically been inseparable since!

how they asked

Fast forward more than 4 years later, it was a few days after my 32nd birthday. I was told to pack a bag and not to ask questions. Lee had arranged a babysitter and we were going out for the night. We left in the early afternoon and after driving through country and rock quarries he stops and blindfolds me. I’m told not to peek and we continue on for what now feels like forever before we finally stop. I’m still instructed to keep my eyes closed as he comes around to help me out of the truck. He walks me blindfolded up a gravel path until we stop and I hear a door open. He takes the blindfold off and we’re in a GORGEOUS Italian villa overlooking a vineyard.

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After checking out the place we go to the on-site winery for a tasting. It was so much fun and for Lee to have wine with me meant something was up! After the wine tasting and a nice dinner, we went back to the villa for drinks and conversation. As we were out on a gorgeous, green patio talking about life with each other he suddenly gets up and walks over to me. He gets on one knee and pulls out a ring and asks me to be his wife. I was caught off guard and a little confused but of course, this was a long time coming so I said YES! It was a quiet, intimate experience and a memory I’ll always cherish.

Image 3 of Amber and Lee