Amber and Kyle


How We Met

How we met?  Well, that’s a fun story.  We were both students at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, and staying nearby campus during the lazy summer after my freshman year and his junior year.  Now, it was my first summer away from home, and I was looking to have the BEST SUMMER EVER – one that was without prospect of a relationship.  What I didn’t know is that our roommates, who were dating each other, had hatched a plan to put us together.

Flash forward to Memorial Day weekend 2011.  I was doing homework for a summer class in my rental house, and Kyle was playing video games in his rental house.  Our roommates both burst into their respective houses and said something along the lines of , “Want to go to the beach?!”  Steadfast to my “BEST SUMMER EVER” motto, I put away my homework, put on a bathing suit, and got in the car.

We stopped in separate cars for gas and snacks at a nearby gas station.  Apparently, this is when Kyle saw me for the first time.  He says he knew upon first glance that he wanted to date me.  After the gas station we drove to a more private beach in Virginia Beach, Virginia, located on the bay.  Pay attention to our location – it’s going to come in again later in a major way.  After setting our stuff down on the sand, we all rushed into the water.  This is where Kyle said his first, and only, words that day to me.  Our discussion was about the drink concoction he’d made for the beach – it tasted like “cotton candy.”  I – in an oblivious and carefree state – didn’t think much of our interaction and left the beach early to head to my summer job.  Kyle didn’t forget so easily.

Later that day Kyle asked my roommate for my number.  The rest is history.  We went on a sorta awkward but cute first two dates, and called it official on our third date, which is an entirely different and adorable story.  Short version?  He surprised me with a preset blanket picnic on a private beach during sunset.  Best date of my life.  Best decision of my life.  Then, almost FIVE years, one 45-day cross-country roadtrip, one year of long distance, and a million sweet memories later, I met Kyle again on that same beach and was asked the question I’d only dreamed of hearing – “Will you marry me?”

how they asked

So, the week of my engagement I was very oblivious to what was happening.  My dad emailed Kyle and me earlier in the week to see if we wanted to go to a beer festival in Virginia Beach.  I love beer and festivals, so of course I said yes.  Then, my friend Mandy asked me to get coffee while I was in town, but told me she had to leave before noon to go to her sister’s birthday party.  All the pieces were in place.

The morning of our engagement I went to get coffee with Mandy.  After an hour of talking, my friend Avery waltzes into the coffee shop.  Um, HI.  Those were my exact thoughts, as Avery lives in Boston and I had NO CLUE she was going to be in town.  Then, Mandy and Avery tell me Mandy is NOT going to a party, they are hanging out with me all day, and I am NOT going to a beer festival.  Avery hands me a note from Kyle.  I read it and almost start crying.  It subtlety says that today is THE big day, he loves me, and that I need to go to the location of given GPS coordinates.  Commence lots of me looking up GPS coordinates on my phone.

The first location was the nail salon.  I happily got my nails and toes done.  We were all hungry at this point, so we went out for some luxury food – Taco Bell.  The next location was a hair and makeup salon where, HEY, another friend popped up.  That’s when I really started crying happy tears.  Kyle had paid for me to get my hair and makeup done so that I “felt as beautiful as he knows I am.”  This was the first time I’d had full hair and makeup done since high school prom, so I felt like such a princess.  Then came another surprise – Kyle had dropped off some dresses for me at the salon!  Mandy helped me get dressed, and I was given my FINAL GPS coordinates for the day.

After looking up the coordinates, I realized we were going to the place where we met – that semi-private beach on the bay.  My nerves really started kicking in as we drove to the final location.  Once we got to the beach I kicked off my heels and walked down the ramp to the beach.  Standing there were my parents, grandparents, siblings, and Kyle’s parents.  If I wasn’t crying before, I was definitely crying now.  I walked down the beach to Kyle – the walk felt like an eternity – and the rest was a sweet, emotional blur of time and words.  Kyle got on one knee and asked me to marry him.  I could write that A MILLION TIMES and still be smiling each time.  Our families cheered, popped champagne bottles, and gave us celebratory hugs.  Afterwards, we all went out for Italian food.  Best day ever doesn’t even begin to describe it.  Can’t wait to walk down the aisle to this amazing man!








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