Amber and Kyle

Image 1 of Amber and Kyle

How We Met

Hook Line and Sinker.

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Kyle and I both teach at Henderson Middle School. Not once had we said a single word to each other until January 2015. He was and is still the sweat-pant-t-shirt-wearing Health/Weight Lifting Coach. I was and still am the every-day-a-dress wearing science nerd.

Having co-workers who knew our individual backgrounds of breakups and divorce, they put two-and-two together and started dropping not so subtle hints.

Kyle finally approached me on a friendly level sometime in January. We were friends until around February. On February 5th, Kyle and I ate Japanese in Locust Grove. After we said our goodbyes, I got back out of my car and went to his truck. Barely reaching over his driver’s window, I made the most daring act one could make. Red faced and nervous, in my most “Morganesque” fashion, I took the plunge of no return. I KISSED him!!! Then, I simply got back in my car. Kyle sent me a text immediately, “I’m hooked.”

Our relationship progressed rather swiftly. Knowing that I had a child and that I had to drive an hour to work every day, in June, Kyle and I decided to move into together. His house was great, but it was not “our” home. So, that same summer, we decided to build our first home together. We moved into our new house in September 2015.

My favorite day of all…

Kyle and I had talked about engagement many times.

how they asked

On November 28th, right after Thanksgiving extravaganzas and on the porch of our brand new house, Kyle proposed (Honestly, how could I say no? We already built a house together). However, I left him on his knee for a while. It was freezing. I had no shoes on, and I just simply made him wait. …….and wait….and wait. Kyle eventually told me we were not going inside until I said yes.

I said yes moments later.

So here we are. The wedding date is April 3rd. We have decided on a sweet intimate setting; it will be a completely private ceremony at a beautiful location in Locust Grove. We are including Micah in the wedding entirely. After the ceremony, we will meet our lovely family and close friends at our church, which is so important to us. In the start of our relationship, we both made the decision to put God at the center of our relationship.

Image 3 of Amber and Kyle

Special Thanks

John Legg
 | Photographer