Amber and Khash

How We Met

I and Khash met in the most cliche millennial way, online! Saw him and thought well this man looks normal and is super attractive, let’s shoot my shot even though he most likely won’t reply. Well, 11 months later we are engaged, parents to the best dog, and planning a spring wedding in 2021!

How They Asked

This man listens! Talked early on in our relationship that he just needs to make sure my nails are done and somebody takes a picture, fast forward 8 months and I, yes I, set up a mini fall photoshoot. I thought our one year is coming up, this would be cute! So we were about to leave and all pictures were done when he said “actually, can we get one more picture” he went on one knee with the ring and just smiled. I said “HELLO? YOU NEED TO ASK ME!!” And he did and it was all caught on camera :)

Image 1 of Amber and Khash

Image 2 of Amber and Khash

Image 3 of Amber and Khash

Image 5 of Amber and Khash

Special Thanks

Colette Mazzoni
 | Photographer