Amber and Kevin

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How We Met

Kevin and I met nearly 8 years ago, while we were both working at Bed Bath and Beyond. We were just friendly coworkers for a couple years, enjoying as many happy hours and lunch breaks together as possible. After a couple years of being work friends, we realized how much fun we had together and started hanging out a lot more. Unfortunately, as we started getting more serious about dating, I accepted a teaching job for a semester in China. Even then, knowing the beginning of our relationship would be long distance, we still gave it a chance and I’m so thankful we did because, five years later, we’re engaged and still going strong!

how they asked

Kevin and I are both lovers of travel, and we recently went on an amazing trip to Iceland! One of the days we were exploring a gorgeous glacier lagoon, and we went for a walk on a nearby beach called Diamond Beach. Its a black sand beach, covered in washed up chunks of glacier that look like diamonds shining on the shore. Kevin said he wanted to take some couple pictures so he went to set up his camera, and was taking a long time picking the perfect place. I was rushing him a little bit, because we had other places to go to that day and we were running out of daylight, but he insisted on getting the perfect shot. As soon as he walked back up to me, I knew he was going to propose! Everything about the moment was more perfect than I could ever had imagined. The scenery, the proposal, and the ring were all so gorgeous and so very “us.” Im so excited to spend my life with him!

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