Amber and Joshua

how they asked

I’m sure everyone feels that once they find the one that they’ve been living a fairytale, but this was truly a fairytale. My very first love, my high school sweetheart has just asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Who would have known that after breaking up 12 years ago and not speaking for 7 years that we would end up here? But here we were at dinner after having a very nice night and he informs me that we are going to have a photo shoot because he knows how much I love pictures.

Fast forward to the photo shoot, we are in mid-pose with him in the back and I in the front when the photographer suggests that I turn around and see the funny faces he was making. I refused so the photographer informs us to switch positions. I turn, ready to get in position, and there he was on one knee. I’ll forget this beautiful day!

Proposal Ideas Birmingham, MI

Special Thanks

Kory Woods
 | Photographer