Amber and Joshua

Proposal Ideas In front of the Christmas lights outside that said “Marry Me”

How We Met

Freshman year of High School. He was the football jock who everyone loved (including me). We became friends and I immediately fell for him. We talked but he wasn’t ready for a relationship. Finally, junior year, we got back to talking again and he decided he was ready to make me his first girlfriend and his last!

how they asked

He knew I absolutely loved Christmas time- it’s my favorite time of the year. He had a big Christmas Eve party with all my family and all his family. We came outside to hang out and take family pictures. He called me over to take a picture with him in front of the Christmas lights. We took pictures and were being silly. My future mil called me over to look at the pictures. I was super naive and told her that I’d look at them later lol but she insisted that I go over. When I went over and looked at the pictures, I noticed that there was a sign his family pulled up out of the bushes behind us that said “Marry Me” in Christmas lights. I immediately turned around and Josh was on one knee! I ran to him crying and he asked me to marry him! ?