Amber and Jordan

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How We Met

I met Jordan a little over 10 years ago. Jordan and my oldest brother became friends and spent every waking moment on the lake together. I saw him frequently but truly didn’t give him a chance until almost three years later. It wasn’t until the end of a harsh relationship that I found myself surrounded by a group of mutual friends every Friday and Saturday night. I cannot forget the night that he finally approached me at the mall and asked me if I wanted to come to the party that night.

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Needless to say, I went, from here it was all uphill and we progressively managed to break barriers. For the last 7 years we have seen many places, cried, had a child together and any other thing that you could imagine. For the longest time I wondered if we would ever take the next step when I least expected it, it happened.

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how they asked

Jordan asked me to marry him in the most blinding fashion possible. In late February I decided that family pictures were a must, as our daughter would be turning 1 in June. My goal was to have family pictures taken in May so I could plaster them everywhere for Zoah’s first birthday party. On May 22, the day before pictures, I received an email from my photographer saying that she was sick and we would need to reschedule our pictures for another day. After going back and forth with Jordan we ended up rescheduling the pictures on our daughter’s actual birthday. The weather wanted to test my patients as it rained the day of our pictures, but, finally cleared up after a brief extent of time. Finally, we met Amanda at the base of the hike and proceeded to take a few baby pictures before ascending to the top of Hawksbill Mountain. Having an infant and trying to take pictures is a very difficult task so we had a couple friends assist and keep her attention through the process. After a strenuous hike to the top, we spent half an hour taking in the views and cooling down.

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Finally, we were ready to take a few family portraits before a small couple’s session. Thankfully our friends kept Zoah occupied through our photo shoot and we moved onto our couples session. As Amanda has us utilize the rocky protrusions atop the mountain, she looked at us and asked us to be super still because she was going to take a special type of photo. Jordan asked for a food and water break before we took these photos, meanwhile, Amanda took several pictures of me indulging in the breathtaking views. After Jordan finally finished snacking it was time to return to our “double exposure.” As we stood on the rock outcropping I can remember holding Jordan’s hands tight in mine.

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His hands were slightly clammy and he was acting weird. Both of us tend to be camera shy but, he kept trying to talk and I couldn’t take it. I kept diverting the conversation because I couldn’t take him seriously. After several tries of our picture we finally managed to gather our composure and before I knew it Jordan looked me square in the eyes while speaking softly. As he confessed his love for me he briskly reached into his back pocket and got on one knee. For what felt like an eternity, I looked at him, the ring and back again.

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I finally realized that this ring was the same one I fell in love with 6 years ago as we set in my room scrolling through Pinterest. Every possible emotion flooded my body as he asked me to marry him. After a few minutes of finding ourselves lost in the moment, he proceeded to explain everything to me. He had spent months trying to prepare and obtain the ring in a timely manner but the original timeline would not have allowed our original pictures to take place. Jordan and Amanda postponed the pictures to ensure the ring would arrive in time for pictures.

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As he began explaining everything I was floored at his ability to keep everything a secret for months. After 7 long years, I can finally say I am ready for marriage. Thank you, Amanda Sutton, for such great memories for the years to come!

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Special Thanks

Amanda Sutton
 | Photographer