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It was months of planning and me not knowing or expecting a single thing. He told his parents he was ready to buy a ring, told our closest friends and even asked my dad for permission. He asked my dad at state fair as I was watching the parade with my nieces. Of course my dad had to joke about it but ended up saying yes but made sure to tell him “no give backs”. As the day came closer, I had plans to work on Saturday until 12. I had mentioned I had to change my plans and do a friends photoshoot right after and then I’d make it to our friends house after. Joe was not okay with the change of plans and I was so shocked and confused at what I did wrong that made him so angry. I thought I did the right thing that still allowed all the plans to remain for the most part.

When I finally got over to our friends house Saturday the 9th at 4pm. The exact time I said I’d be there, I noticed more people than usual. I just thought they haven’t been around in a while and wanted to hang out. Kaitlin ended up sending me off to the store with Ashley to get buns. Ashley took the longest way to pick n save, that I just thought she didn’t know how to get around all the road construction.

We finally got back to the house and I walked into the backyard. I was holding all the groceries and Joe ran up to me saying he had to show me what him and Kurt made as he’s trying to make me put down the groceries (he was pinching me so hard I had to scream a little haha). During this I just kept think “why can’t this wait until after dinner, I’m starving” He lead me to the back yard, had the spot exactly from practicing earlier. He told me to look down the hill to see “what they made” but I didn’t see anything and was so confused. After a few seconds my whole family and Joe’s parents popped out of a tiny hiding spot. I was thinking “oh cool they must decided to hang out with us for a random reason” I still had a super shocked look on my face.

I turned back to Joe and there he was getting down on one knee. I admit, I was so shocked I didn’t know what to say other than “what the F***” and “stop it”. Go figure I would have that reaction. I heard Joe say “Amber, will you marry me?” And I thought it was all a joke until it hit be that THIS WAS ACTUALLY HAPPENING. I couldn’t say a word but just kept shaking my head yes and wrapped him in a huge hug.

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Right after my family was surrounding me and I got handed a phone that was on FaceTime to my best friends that couldn’t be there. They were celebrating our friends bachelorette party but made sure to call to see my reaction. Made the day that much better. To have my entire family and closest friends there with everyone taking videos and pictures, which is what I told Joe I always wanted, was so special to me. Everyone I’d want there was there and I wouldn’t of asked for anything different. It was perfectly perfect and will replay the moment my entire life. TO JOE AND AMBER!

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