Amber and Joe

Amber's Proposal in Los Angeles Comic Con

How We Met

We met through our love of Cosplay and comic book conventions and everything nerdy. We had a lot of mutual friends we weren’t even aware of. We have been going to the same places at the same time for a very long time but weren’t on each other’s radar at all. That changed last year at Los Angeles comic con when we met for the first time. After that, it was mostly online interaction through social media.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Los Angeles Comic Con

Amber and Joe's Engagement in Los Angeles Comic Con

Proposal Ideas Los Angeles Comic Con

We didn’t do our first couples Cosplay until Long Beach Comic-Con last year when we did Starlord and Gamora. Since then we have done nothing but couples Cosplay’s and have loved every minute of it. We are each other‘s biggest fan and biggest supporter. We take most of each other‘s pictures and want nothing but the best for each other.

How They Asked

This past weekend at Los Angeles, the con was a year from when we met and that’s when we got engaged.

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