Amber and Jeremy

Image 1 of Amber and JeremyHow We Met: Jay and I met in Kentucky, at Kentucky State University. I was a freshman, and he was a junior. Jay and I were both in SGA, but he was in executive Student Government. One day I was hungry and didn’t want any of the same bland and generic campus food. I asked Jay to take me on a food run because I didn’t have a car. I thought Jay was nice because he was taking me but then he told me that he would only do it if I bought him
food. Oh yeah I had to buy his friend food too. I was a freshman, and I barely had any money lol!! I went ahead and bought food for him, his friend and myself. After that night I started seeing Jay around campus, and we would sometimes speak to each other. We exchanged numbers a few weeks later, and we became real close over the holidays. Jay and I would talk on the phone for hours, and we both enjoyed it very much. I knew it was something because I felt a strong connection with him. I definitely began to fall in love with him. On November 1st, 2009, Jay took me home to meet his family. I love his family, and they were so happy that Jay bought me home. When we came back to Kentucky Jay and I made it our anniversary. Jay and I were together for six years when he decided to propose.

how they asked: I remember it like it was yesterday. Jay and I were in Charlotte for a Jay-Z concert. Jay and I love Jay-Z and it was going be a great time plus we love Charlotte. Jay told me to pack something nice because we were going to a nice restaurant the night before the concert. I didn’t think anything of it because Jay and I love to travel. We always went to new restaurants when we traveled because we love food!!

He was acting a little weird too because he was asking me if I was getting my hair done before we left. He never asks if I am going to the hair salon, but I told yeah I would. When we finally arrived in Charlotte we got to the hotel, changed and I noticed that Jay was sweating. I remember asking if he was okay, and he said yeah it was just hot in the room. Jay told me that he was nervous as hell.

Image 2 of Amber and Jeremy

Jay proposed at this nice restaurant called the Capital Grill it was fancy, very nice. The food was great and the service was awesome. The waitress came over and asked if we wanted dessert and I looked at Jay and he said something, but I’m not sure what. To me this was strange, because we never get dessert, but like I said we always do new things when we are out of town. The waitress brought this huge slice of cheesecake, and I began eating. Jay grabbed something off my plate, and I ask him what is in your hand. He then asked me if I love him and if I want to be with him for the rest of my life. I looked at him and said yes of course and then he asked if I would marry him.

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I told him hell yes, and he put the ring on my finger. It was beautiful and simple and it was just us, which is why it was so beautiful.

Image 4 of Amber and Jeremy

The manger then came over and told us congratulations and gave us a bottle of champagne. We had friends in Charlotte and we partied the night away.

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