Amber and James

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How We Met

We were both at a time in our lives where, after some failed attempts, we wanted to find the right person and settle down. We both decided to give the online dating world a shot, so we both signed up for (the upgraded version :) ). After many left swipes, James sent me a message asking how my New Year was going. After chatting for a few days, a week later we met for dinner and have been the center of each others’ worlds ever since.

We love watching movies and our shows, talking about the 90’s, having breakfast together, and virtually everything else as long as we are doing it together. However, I think one of the main factors which make our relationship so special is that we don’t ever stop believing and exclaiming to one another how lucky the one is to have the other. Another main factor contributing to how special our love is would be how we constantly put each other’s happiness above our own – and that it isn’t something we HAVE to do, it is something we WANT to do because it comes so naturally. Most importantly, all of this is true and not fabricated to make anyone believe something that isn’t reality. We are lucky because these words are true.

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It is honestly difficult for me to isolate one moment in time where I came to know that James was the one because I don’t even really remember what life feels like without James in it. However, if I had to recall and nail down a specific moment that left me with no doubts, it would be about 4 months into our relationship – we were in Seattle and one morning he finally got the courage to drop the “L” bomb. My heart and mind haven’t been the same since. It was such a raw, natural, unforced moment that couldn’t be replicated if our lives depended on it.

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how they asked

We hadn’t been dating two years yet and I was already getting anxious about a proposal. So, at this point, any trip or weekend getaway we took, I was expecting it. With that in mind, around October of 2017, we decided to go to Asheville, NC during the first week of December to see the Biltmore Estate decorated for Christmas. The night before we were heading to the Biltmore I made a delicious dinner that we ate by the fireside in our romantic cabin in the mountains. At that moment I thought there really wouldn’t be a more perfect moment. Boy, was I wrong! The next morning we had a lovely brunch on the Biltmore property and toured the house and gardens.

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We were tired from all the walking we had done and were about to head back to the car (I had kind of given up on it happening this day at this point). On our walk back there was a beautiful clearing in the woods and he suggested that we take a walk in the area before we head back to our romantic cabin. Before I knew it, the subject matter got a lot more serious and the next thing I knew he opened a jewelry box and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. The funny part? I hardly remember the details of the big moment because of how excited/faint I was feeling. However, the words didn’t matter. The feeling I had at that moment is what I’ll take with me for life.

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