Amber and Jacob

How We Met: Jake and I met through mutual friends, my girl friend was dating his guy friend, and we happened to be in the same place at the same time. He had a long distance girlfriend at the time so I wasn’t very interested. The more we hung out and the more I got to know him, I knew he had to be mine. Finally I caught word that he had broken up with his girlfriend at the time which meant it was time to make a move. Here we are, almost 6 years later – more in love than ever and finally engaged!

how they asked: We have been together for almost 6 years and I had been getting very impatient waiting for him to ask me to marry him. He kept telling me that he wanted to wait until we got a place of our own and were more independent from our families. It was May 19th, 2015 and it was the night I was finally graduating dental hygiene school.

We went to one of our local favorite patio spots for a pre-graduation dinner which I thought was only going to be with Jake, my sister, and my grandparents. I had a feeling part of Jake’s family was going to surprise me and make it to dinner but boy did I underestime the dinner party we were about to have. I was patiently waiting on the patio for Jake’s arrival (he’s always late) and as I turn around, in walk 20 of my closest family and friends.

Everyone kept wishing me happy graduation and I had no idea what was about to happen. I got pulled into the middle of a forming circle of loved ones and then Jake got down on one knee.

Image 3 of Amber and Jacob

I was beyond surprised and completely overwhelmed with emotions. Not only did I make my biggest professional accomplishment that night, but I also got engaged to the man that no one thought I could hang onto.

Image 1 of Amber and Jacob

Image 2 of Amber and Jacob

Videography: Kassy Gonzalez

Editor: Jacob Brcic