Amber and Jachike

Where to Propose in An event space.

How We Met

We met while I was a registered nurse in the hospital and he was doing occupational therapy on my unit. He approached me and asked me out on a date. And the rest was history!

How They Asked

My sister and I have a beauty brand called ‘NaturallyGG’ and my sister told me about this huge potential campaign that we could be a part of. She told me that we would need our photos taken in order to be considered for the campaign.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in An event space.

Little did I know, next door to our photoshoot was all of our friends and family and my fiancé waiting to propose! It was a complete surprise! Turns out, the photoshoot was completely fake and it was set up just for the proposal!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in An event space.

Our Video

Special Thanks

Shauna Brentell
 | Photographer
Emex Nwogu
 | Videographer
Carissa Stephens
 | Planning