Amber and Gary

Amber and Gary's Engagement in My parent’s house!
I have known my fiancée since I was in elementary school. We grew up around the block from one another. We rode the same bus (on which he tormented me) and shared a crush for one another in middle school that we never spoke of. Then, when I was a sophomore in high school he sat behind me at our school’s football game. He continuously kneed me in the back, sticking to the age-old adage “boys tease the girls they like.” When I finally turned to ask him to knock it off, he asked for my number! I instantly said yes and gave it to him. We have been inseparable ever since. Now, ten years later we have our own home and share a love that I cannot put into words. Gary is my absolute best friend and love of my life all wrapped into one. We share a playful love and this Christmas Eve during our family gift exchange he got me good! He handed me a box and I quickly unwrapped it only to find another wrapped box inside- this repeated several times until I finally got to a box with a gift. A large diamond-shaped paperweight (for my desk- I teach 3rd grade) sat in the box with “Amber – the rock you’ve always wanted. Love, Gary” engraved on it. Before I could realize what was happening I heard my family gasp and I turned to Gary down on one knee. I burst into tears.. he asked and I sobbed, YES! It really is the most wonderful time of the year!!!

Where to Propose in My parent’s house!