Amber and Garrett

Image 1 of Amber Leigh and Garrett Shane

How We Met

We were rival schools in high school and met through that. We became highschool sweethearts at 16 and 17. Eight years later here we are engaged, happy and in love!

How They Asked

I’m currently in my last year of my professional nursing program and we decided to go to the beach the week before my semester started as a little mental refresher. He bought a nice camera to take some cute pictures with as a late Christmas present to me. We got out on the beach and he got the camera set up. We took a bit of pictures and he turned around looking at the water telling me there were dolphins jumping out in the water. ( There had actually been that morning so I was looking all over). Well it turns out I was just looking around for something that wasnt there. When I turned back around upset that I couldn’t find the dolphins he was down on one knee with my dream ring! And I yelled yes before he could actually ask me, but after actually taking a breath and us having a good laugh he asked me and we took a few more pictures with the ring. We then finished the night by going to my favorite childhood restaurant and celebrated!