Amber and Felix

How We Met

Felix was my manager at a bank we both worked at. I had gotten a promotion at the same time he was hired. I remember walking in to work that day excited to get my own desk, and then seeing him sitting where I was supposed to be. I immediately wasn’t a fan of him, and I wasn’t afraid to let him know it. I asked him to move (that was my hard earned spot!), and he apprehensively obliged. Trying to strike conversation, he asked what kind of music I listen to. We soon found out we had a ton in common! We enjoyed the same crooner music, had the same dry sense of humor, and didn’t take ourselves too seriously. Felix and I quickly grew to become close friends and I found myself looking forward to going to work just to see him. Months went by and we laughed and grew closer and closer and decided to give us a shot! I never imagined we would be where we are now— in love and happily engaged.


Special Thanks