Amber and Erik

Amber's Proposal in Staples Center, Los Angeles

How We Met

Erik and I met in 2010 at our martial arts studio. At first, I didn’t get along with him and it took some time to warm up to his personality. We didn’t really become friends until about a year later and then we just clicked pretty well after that. After hanging out pretty often together in groups, we both noticed the chemistry we had. I made the first move and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Eight years later, we are still the same best friends we’ve always been with a ton of memories and still many more to make.

how they asked

We’re huge hockey fans. We would attend games as much as we could to support our team. Earlier this year after getting back from a vacation, Erik surprised me with tickets to the Kings vs. Predators game at the Staples Center on Saturday, January 6th. My best friend was in on the plan to propose and came to the game with us. We arrived pretty early to avoid traffic and to get a bite to eat. It turns out Jeff Carter, Alternate Captain and Center for the Kings, just so happened to be doing autograph signings so we had to stop by. While my best friend distracted me, Erik went back to the autograph table to have Carter personalize our autograph.

Twenty minutes before the puck drop, an LA Kings representative met us to bring us downstairs to stand just right outside the team’s locker room for high fives and cheering as the team walks on the ice for the National Anthem. I thought this was such a cool surprise. It wasn’t until the first goal of the game during the second period, scored by my favorite player, Adrian Kempe, that Erik got down on one knee only seconds after Kempe made the shot. I jumped out of my seat to cheer and turned to celebrate the goal with Erik to find him proposing to me. I had already burst into tears at this point, overwhelmed with emotions. Hollywood Reporter, Mark Wright, just so happened to be sitting right behind me and Erik at the game and filmed our special moment and uploaded it to his Instagram story. After agreeing to marry my best friend, Erik gave me the Kings K-9 calendar I had been wanting that Jeff Carter had signed for us. It was an amazing night I will never forget and no hockey game in the future will ever be able to top that night.

Special Thanks

Cassey Dumapias
 | Photographer