Amber and Eric


How We Met

We met our freshman year of college at Miami University. Eric had actually asked me on a date then, but I politely declined, as it was more-so a mutual friend trying to set us up and the school year was about to end, so I did not want to get involved in anything. We had many close mutual friends all throughout college as my sorority and his fraternity did many events together! During our senior year, we became best friends. Eric was very patient with me, as I was very cautious with him because of how much I valued our friendship. After Graduation, Eric moved to Chicago and I moved to Cincinnati, where we are both from. We dated for a few months with the long-distance and that time was filled with many megabus rides and endless facetime minutes. We quickly realized we didn’t like going weeks without seeing each other, so Eric got a job back in Cincinnati, and moved home. We lived together for a year and a half and then he popped the question!

how they asked

On what felt like the first day of spring, last April, one of my best friends, Priscilla, was waiting for me when I got off work one Saturday. Eric had mentioned that we were going on a date right after work, so I made sure I was all ready before leaving. I instantly knew something was going on when I saw Priscilla, but everything felt so surreal! After driving around for a while to throw me off as to where we were going, we ended up in Ault Park. Ault Park is one of Cincinnati’s most scenic and popular public parks. She lead me down some stairs that overlook the entire large grassy area. At first, I did not see anything unusual, until I spotted my mom and step-dad holding balloons.


It only took seconds after that for me to see the entire picture – both our parents, my grandma and my best girlfriends were lined up down the long sidewalk and Eric was down at the end. I started to ugly cry, of course, and as I walked past each person, I was handed a rose.




When I got to the end, Eric was so nervous and gave me a little speech (which I don’t remember – it happened so fast) and then proposed!




64   IMG_0318


Eric had hired a photographer to capture it, but there was also another photographer who just happened to be there as well who took some cool pictures! He posted a status on Facebook that he had captured an intricate proposal at Ault Park, and someone I knew put the two of us in connection. I thought that was really cool! After the proposal, the entire group went out to dinner, which was following by an after-party at our apartment. Everything about it was perfect!

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