Amber and David

How We Met

DJ were actually set up by one of my best friends (who is now one of my bridesmaids). She texted me on a Sunday afternoon and told me she had met the perfect guy for me at an engagement party. I was extremely uninterested in getting into any serious relationship at that point. Even after DJ reached out to me to set up a time and place for our first date, I told myself that it was just dinner. But after we met for dinner, we ended up spending the rest of the evening laughing, telling stories about our family, and after that night I just knew there was something about him that I really liked.

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how they asked

DJ and I knew from early on that we wanted to be together forever. My mom has always told me, “when you know, you know” and with DJ that was very true. There was something in my heart that knew he was the one. But he has always been extremely good at surprising me with anything, so I knew when it came time for him to propose it would be the same situation. We planned a family trip to London, England for June, it was an 8 day trip and I couldn’t wait! DJ had never been to Europe before, and this was our first “big trip” together so it was exciting. My mom, her husband, and my little brother joined us on the trip. Little did I know, they all had a plan up their sleeves. Our first full day in England we had a tour of the entire city set up. We were on a land tour and behind my back, DJ had set up a meeting with the tour guide to figure out where he would propose. Finding out later, he had so many nerves and anxiety, he wanted to propose the first day we were there..he couldn’t wait any longer. We spent the whole morning touring around England, and I didn’t notice at the time DJ was a little more distant than usual. As I was leaning on him taking a nap on the bus little did I future engagement ring was in his coat pocket! Once told we had the rest of the day to ourselves, my family, DJ, and I decided we would grab some lunch and then head to the Tower of Terror (I mainly wanted to go to see the Crown Jewels!). Everyone somehow all agreed that the Crown Jewels would be our first stop. When we got to the entrance of The Crown Jewels the line was literally a mile long (not even exaggerating!). We decided that the line was too long so we would just take a picture in front. I wanted to take a picture in front of the guards but my little brother told me that a picture in front of the Crown Jewels would be much better. So DJ and I stood in front of the entrance smiled for a picture and the next thing I knew my mom said, “Okay video’s running!” And confused as I could be (I honestly thought my mom just didn’t know how to work the iPhone) I looked at DJ and said, “What? Video?” and DJ reached into his pocket and got down on one knee. All I remember is being so nervous, I was literally shaking trying to hold back my tears. I do regret saying “shut up” in a sarcastic voice as he began proposing but it was a true “Amber” moment & reaction to a proposal. The only thing I remember DJ saying was that I was the “Queen of his heart” and “will you marry me?” Our journey has been a true fairytale ever since.

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