Amber and David

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January 27th started off as a very dreary day as I was stuck in bed going on day 4 of having the flu. I was doing my best to get as much rest as possible because we were going out for David’s 28th birthday dinner. I had been anticipating this weekend for months because something inside of me said: “this might be the weekend you get engaged!!” I put off getting ready as long as I could as my fever of 102 wasn’t going away.

I eventually forced myself to get all dolled up and ready for potentially the best night of my life. We got to dinner and it was amazing (even though I couldn’t taste any of my shrimp or pasta :( ). David had mentioned wanting to go to a new bar that had opened up called The Skip located in The Belt in downtown Detroit where we were for dinner. I was so nervous because I was expecting him to propose on the walk over. Well, nothing happened so I pushed aside my what ifs and focused on what I was going to get at The Skip. We turned into The Belt & he immediately pulled me around and grabbed both of my hands – at that moment I knew instantly what was going to happen next. I was locked into a moment I never wanted to end. Tears crept up on the both of us which made every minute more meaningful. David asked me to be his wife and I could not have said YAS any faster.

Amber's Proposal in Detroit, MI

***He had hired Mallory from Mallory Mclellan Photography to capture this incredible moment.

After our proposal photo shoot around Detroit, we went to The Skip to celebrate with a drink. After one round David mentioned wanting to go to another local bar for a beer. Of course high off of so much happiness I was down for whatever. We made our way over and as we walked in I heard loud cheering from the corner. I look over and see both of our families there as a surprise for me. David had invited everyone down to come celebrate our engagement. After a lot of pictures and cheering with strangers, David slipped a card in my hand, it was a hotel key to our favorite hotel!

David made me feel like a princess and continues to every day. We can’t wait to tie the knot 11/2/2019 :)

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