Amber and Conner

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How We Met

Someone how have stuck to an old fashioned story. I was out with my friends for a birthday and he was out with his friends for a going away party. They were on their way out of the bar when I spotted him crossing the dance floor and had to say hello as he was passing by. It stopped him in his tracks, he turned on his heels and asked to buy me a drink. We laughed and exchanged numbers over that drink and went on our first date less than a week later. It started with just drinks, to take the pressure off, but we connected so quickly we ended up getting a late dinner and hung out late into the evening. There was immediate chemistry and we have been together for 6 years.

How They Asked

He tried to make it a surprise, but I had a few hints that made me think it was coming. We planned a big end of summer bonfire so I started messaging all of our friends. One of our close friends mentions to me that they want to do a photo shoot so to make sure I dressed cute. Then a few days later my sister texts me saying that we should get our nails done before the bonfire. HMMM haha! Day of we are prepping our stuff for the bonfire and he asks me if I can fix a button on one of his nice shirts. “You are wearing this to the beach?” I asked, to which he replies ” I was thinking about it.” From there I had a pretty good idea but did not want to get my hopes up. We get to the beach and there is not a single bonfire pit available. Numerous of them had a single chair or piece of firewood “claiming” that spot. We ask around if any of the surrounding groups has seen people at the pit to which they all say they had been there all day without a soul in site. So we go over and ask the lifeguards what the policy is for reserving bonfire pits. They tell us that its not allowed, we can move whatever things were left behind and that we should send those people to the lifeguards should we have any issues. So we do and we walk over the beach to start taking “group” photos with all of our friends at sunset. Finally we go to take a couple photo and he gets down on one knee and just simply asks if I will marry him. I am so happy and speechless that all I can manage to do is nod my head, start crying and give him the biggest hug. I honestly forgot to even look at the ring until all of our friends started cheering and ask to see it. We slip it on and it fits perfectly. We have an amazing photographer friend who captured some wonderful photos of the moment. We got to spend the rest of the night celebrating around the bonfire with all of our friends and even my mom. The other family did end up showing up WAY after sundown and they were not very happy, but the lifeguards had our backs and it was such a fun and wonderful evening no one could spoil any of our moods. It was a beautiful and perfect day and I am so thankful for all my friends and family who were able to keep it a secret from me, at least best they could. Later that evening when we were finally alone he tells me he had the ring for almost 3 months but wanted the proposal to be perfect for me. He had an amazing speech of all the reasons why I am the girl for him and how us together has changed everything for him. We couldn’t be happier and cannot wait to get married and share our joy with our loved ones.