Amber and Collin

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How We Met

It was January 22, 2016, on a blind date, when I first met Collin. The conversation flowed effortlessly between us for over three hours about our alma mater, sports, travel, pets, and family. The next week brought one more dinner date and on that Saturday, eight days after meeting, Collin introduced me to his family.

When we met, I was in the middle of my graduate studies and Collin was transitioning into a role as a working paw-rent to his new puppy, Stella. Our next four months together were filled with traveling, celebrations, excitement, and Stella adapting to having another girl in her house. Early that summer, Collin asked me to move-in with him and Stella. After only six months, all three knew this was a step toward something more significant. After knowing each other for six months, Collin invited me to travel to the Bahamas that Thanksgiving with his parents and family friends. We had plans to watch our alma mater at a basketball tournament, enjoy some snorkeling along with a few days of relaxation. Little did I know that Collin had a plan of his own. Exactly nine months after our first blind date, on November 22, Collin turned Paradise Island into our own paradise, as he got down on one knee and asked to me to be his wife.

how they asked

Early in November, Amber’s parents were over to help fix a clogged kitchen sink- cooking was a new adventure for both of them. Amber and Collin had plans to go out that evening and as they were leaving, Collin ran back into the house claiming he had forgotten something. Mr. and Mrs. Bytwerk were in the basement dealing with a leaking pipe as Collin came bounding down the stairs. Mr. Bytwerk said that he knew instantly what Collin wanted to ask them by the look on his face.

It was November 22, 2016. The couple was spending Thanksgiving on Paradise Island in the Bahamas with his parents and friends. Collin had the proposal planned for that evening, but unknowingly, Amber was reluctant to cooperate with any of his plans. So in their beach attire and with sandy hair, Collin grabbed Amber’s hand and ran down the beach to the alcove in an attempt to catch the last of the setting sun’s rays. Still unaware of what was about to happen, Amber kept pace with him playfully until he suddenly stopped. Breathless and shaking, Collin grabbed both her hands, looked in her eyes, and got down on one knee. Nine months after meeting, Collin asked Amber to spend the rest of their days together and she cried with joy as she yelled, “YES!”

It is with great jubilance that our families host this merry event. The Bride and Groom will be brimming with bliss at their union on Saturday, September 30, 2017, in Spring Lake, Michigan.

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