Amber and Collin

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How We Met

Collin and I met a few summers ago. We were both young and in our early years of college. We both ended up working at a summer camp in Arkansas. There were very few people from our university there so we immediately decided we would stick together. As the summer drug on both ended up hating working at the summer camp, but as I quickly learned misery loves company, and I loved his company the most. I fought with all my might not to like him. I was not going to be one of those girls who went camping and came back with a boyfriend. Well, we left camp, and I avoided him for the next 4 months after camp. We would see each other, and I would act like we barely knew each other. Well, I finally gave in and just wanted to spend time with him. We ended up hanging out one-afternoon hammocking and drinking coffee in the crisp December air. It was that afternoon that I realized I was in trouble because this boy was going to change my world. Well December 30, 2015, we went on our very first date. Five whole months after our first meeting. We went to New Orleans to explore the city. We ended our date at the Celebration of the Oaks looking at Christmas lights dreaming of what a future was going to be like.

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how they asked

On December 30, 2017, the best adventure of my life began. Collin and I went on a double date to the Celebration of the Oaks in New Orleans. I am very partial to the place because it was where we went on our first date. We wandered around the park looking at the lights and laughing with our friends. As we were leaving, Collin took me by a set of swings we sat on during our first date. As we walked up, there was a rose gold scrapbook sitting in one of the benches that had my favorite picture of us on it.

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We sat down and he showed me a scrapbook the had memory lane of our entire relationship. It started with a page about the summer camp we met at. Every single page includes a big part of our lives together from our one year anniversary of my college graduation. We laughed and cried as we look at the life we had built together.

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When I flipped to the very last page, there was a picture of Collin down on one knee. He proceeded to get down on one knee and ask me to marry him. Of course, I said yes!

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Special Thanks

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 | Photographer