Amber and Cody

How We Met

Shoes have always been at the forefront of Cody and my relationship. “How many pairs could you possibly need?” “Do you really have to have another pair?” “Can you take at least 3 of the 5 pairs sitting at the door and put them somewhere else?” These were all things that have been said often in our 6 and a half years together. And ironically enough, it’s because of a pair of shoes that we even met in the athletic trainer’s room of our high school.

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Cody and I always went to the same schools, he was two years older than me so we never met until high school. I was a varsity cheerleader recovering from a hip injury, he was a pitcher on our baseball team with a tight shoulder. We met in the athletic trainer’s room, I was rolling on my hip doing PT for my injury. Cody walked in with a pair of bright purple and orange shoes, literally, all I said was “Hey nice shoes.” Now that day specifically he was there to have his shoulder stretched, but he later informed me that every day after that he came just to see me. We’ve been together since we were 14 & 17.

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how they asked

We were staying a long weekend in Tennessee and He did a great job of setting this up. We stayed here with another couple stayed with us. He prefaced the trip by telling me that the other girl and I were going to do grocery shopping as soon as we got there and the boys were going to the liquor store for beverages. He said, “have your hair and makeup done before you go that way when you get back we can leave asap for dinner!”

So I did, Amy, the other girl, and I went to a local grocery store. We followed our list and then drove the windy mountain back to our cabin. As I walked in I didn’t even notice, Amy had to show me all the rose petals scattered on the floor. I followed the stairs up and all along the walls, there were little notes handwritten by Cody. Telling me all kinds of cute things… As I got closer I knew what was happening.

Cody was waiting for me outside on the balcony. As I opened the door I could feel myself losing control of my emotions and I saw Cody’s tears falling down too. (He never really cries.) He held me for what seemed like minutes, but in reality was only seconds. Asked me if I knew that he loved me, bent down on one knee in the middle of a heart made of rose petals with tea lit candles all around and the Tennessee mountains in the background.

He said “Will you marry me?!” and later informed me that he nearly forgot! haha, Of course, I said yes, he’s been my best friend for more than a quarter of my life, why wouldn’t I?!