Amber and Chad

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How We Met

Chad and I met while working at the “Happiest Place On Earth”, Walt Disney World. We were both beginning training for The Festival of the Lion King show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, me as a dancer and Chad as an acrobat. As a part of our orientation for the show, we were required to attend an informational meeting and watch the show before beginning rehearsals. Dressed in business casual, my training group of dancers were seated at the top row of the ‘warthog’ section, and we waited for the show to begin. Before the show began Chad and another incoming acrobat came and sat a row below us, but dressed in workout attire. Confused and curious by these cute boys that sat with our training group, I wanted to introduce myself. I tapped Chad on the shoulder and attempted to introduce myself, but stuttered my own name. He told me his name and told me that he was one of the new ‘Tumble Monkeys” in the show. After the show we attended a brief meeting with the show director and Chad was seated across the long rectangular table from me. I was too focused on giggling and making flirty eyes with Chad than I was listening to the show director (oops!). It truly was love at first sight!

how they asked

We decided to take a quick trip to the beach before visiting my extended family in Daytona Beach, Florida. The winter in Florida had been cooler than usual and we hadn’t had the opportunity to walk along the beach or spend a day near the water together. Taking advantage of the beautiful day, we battled through traffic to head to Ponce Inlet Beach. Chad and I visited that beach often in the close to 3 years we’ve been dating. His family has a house right near the beach so we would try to go there a few times a month. One of me and Chad’s first days spent together was at that beach, walking along the shore and soaking up the sun. That beach was our happy place, our little getaway.

We began on the boardwalk and made our way to the sand, reminiscing about the first time we ever came here together and commented on how beautiful the water looked. We got our feet wet in the cold water and scared off a few seagulls before walking all the way down to the jetty. Chad was telling me how much he loved this beach and how he would go look at the water whenever he was having a rough time growing up. He told me looking at the water helped him to reflect on his experiences, one of which being past relationships; why they didn’t work, what he did wrong, and how his relationships would be in the future. Once we got to the jetty we paused and watched the waves crash upon each other. He told me that he loved spending time at the beach with me and how lucky he was to be with me. He pulled me close and kissed me before saying, “I’ve wanted to marry you from the moment I met you…” and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

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