Amber and Byron

Image 1 of Amber and ByronByron and I have been dating for almost 5 years come this September. We met in high school when I moved my sophomore year from Sacramento to a small town called Dayton in Nevada. He was the “popular” kid you would say. He was on the football team, baseball team, basketball team, and even senior class president. Now don’t get me wrong I played sports to but I was the girl he cheated off of in class. We never looked at each other in any other way then that.

A few years after graduation he found me on Facebook and asked for my number and we started talking from there. I still remember the day he asked me out on our first date he was so nervous I remember him telling me “I don’t know what I’m doing, I’ve never really asked out a girl on a date before.” He took me to sushi and we hit it off immediately! We dated for about 5 months before we became exclusive.

The following year we went through a lot of ups and downs like every couple does but we came out on top. Byron is in the military and last Christmas was the first time in almost a year we had been able to see each other. That year we were separated tested our relationship at the core. It tested our love for one another and how strong it truly was. Military life is not made for the weak! Byron and I always said this is going to either make or break us…and here we are engaged! April 26th he surprised me with plane tickets via email for a flight leaving the next morning! April 27th I was on a flight to Seattle where he is stationed at fort Lewis. He picked me up from the airport and said “this weekend is all about you baby” and took me to go get a new iPhone since I had broke mine…not very romantic but it meant a lot to me.

From there we went to this beautiful hotel he had booked called The Mediterranean Inn. We went out to a beautiful restaurant for dinner…with red lighting and candles everywhere. He surprised me at dinner with concert tickets to see Dan and Shay. I told him I wanted to go see them way back in January! The next morning we went to breakfast and had a day out on the town…Ferris wheel, pike place market, the famous gum wall, and of course the fish market. When we got back to the hotel he took me to the roof top where he proposed. He proposed with a eternity wedding band…not your typical engagement ring but that’s what I have always wanted. The “engagement ring” he wants to design together. That night we enjoyed the concert as an engaged couple. He told me later that night he had planned to do it at the Ferris wheel when we got to the top over looking the city but he had been so nervous that whole day and had forgotten the ring at the hotel. Him forgetting the ring was the best thing that could have happened because the proposal on the roof was even better. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with the man that puts me and his country first!

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