Amber and Brian

Amber and Brian's Engagement in Greystone Stables

How We Met

Where do I start? When we knew who each other were, when we met, and when we started dating are all very different scenarios. Brian and I both attended Bartlett High School and were in the same graduating class. We knew who each other were through mutual friends our freshman year (2011). It wasn’t until the first day of sophomore year (2012) that we officially met at lunch. At the first football game we hung out and pictures the ENTIRE night. Brian made sure we took them on my phone so that I would have to send them to him and he could get my number. SLICK! We really hit it off and became best friends. Soon enough, Brian told me how he felt about me. I was in complete denial and told him I didn’t feel the same. We even dated other people, but still sat together at lunch and talked on the phone all the time. He was DEEP in the friend zone. Fast forward to halfway though junior year and that’s when it gets fun! Rumors were spreading that there was something between us. February 1st, 2014 we decided to hang out and talk about what was going on. We went bowling and got ice-cream, but didn’t even talk about the rumors. Now, every February 1st we go bowling and to get ice-cream to celebrate our unplanned first date. Brian asked me to junior prom and of course I said yes. April 26th, 2014 at prom, we were slow dancing when Brian looked down at me asked if I would officially be his girlfriend. Of course I said YES!!

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Amber's Proposal in Greystone Stables

How They Asked

They say “The more you tell yourself something, you’ll start to believe it.” Um, yes! I was spot on about the proposal… until I WASN’T… 3 weeks prior, during the craziness of work, my friend Megan asked if we could have a girls night on the 23rd. Well duh.. how fun! Then got an Instagram message from Mary Gran asking if Brian and I wanted to model for some new promotional for Katie Norrid’s website. I almost said no (!!!!) because I was so excited about girls night, but then decided the timing would work out to take photos, then hang out with Megan. I thought NOTHING about it until I overthought it… what a coincidence. Megan wanted to do something and now this photographer is reaching out… I then decided that I was thinking too hard, and it was seriously just a coincidence. We would just have some fun at the photo session, and then I’d have a much needed girls night with Megan. But in fact, Brian had this magical night all planned out for us. He reached out to Megan and had her ensure I didn’t make any plans. He reached out to Katie and her team and asked them reach out to me about the “promotional shoot.” Brian had my BEAUTIFUL ring custom made by Custom Jewelry in Southaven, Mississippi. He went out there four different times and I had NO idea. Brian met with Mary on Friday and gave her the ring so that I wouldn’t see it in his pocket. Brian asked if she could put us back-to-back for one of the pictures, and have me turn around to him on one knee. Mary put us back-to-back and “adjusted” Brian, then slipped him the ring. I 100% convinced myself that I put too much into thinking he was going to propose. I didn’t even think anything weird about the poses and them telling me to turn around. I even asked which direction I should turn. haha! I turned around and I was so SHOCKED that I yelled “NO” because I just couldn’t believe it. Of course I changed that to a YES! Brian put so much thought into planning the entire night, wanting to make it a perfect evening and proposal for me. We finished taking pictures and celebrated with family and friends at a dinner afterward. It seriously felt like a dream, and it truly was a dream come true!!!


Special Thanks

Mary Tisdal Gran
 | Photographer
Anna Fly
 | Photographer
Katie Norrid
 | Editing