Amber and Arash


how they asked

I had the longest day at work and still needed to go grocery shopping for our family thanksgiving the next day. He had been late on his way home, went to pick up promise ring from Macy’s that was being repaired and missing a stone.

I was excited to have my ring back after 2 long weeks, and looking forward to the dinner date we had planned. When he got home finally he was holding a single rose and a jewelry bag from Macy’s.

He said he has stopped on the way to pick me a rose to help brighten up my terrible day. Since I was getting my ring back after such a long time said he felt he should “promise propose” to me again like he did when I originally got the ring.

He started his speech and I began tearing up, which in turn made him start to cry. He ended his speech with getting on one knee and saying “being with you is what I want for the rest of my life. Let’s make it official! Will you marry me?!” And he proposed with a beautiful handmade ring from the country he was born in.


Best moment of my life.