Amber and Andrew

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How They Asked

My roommate Zac suggested we throw a Friendsgiving this past November. I was all about the idea until WAY too many people RSVP’d and I ended up overwhelmed and canceling it (we couldn’t arrange for 30 people in our apartment, duh).

Zac later suggested we slyly reinvite the people we actually want there and was adamant we have the party. I agreed but was hesitant. My fiancé quickly jumped to say we could get tables for it from his company office (he’s a wedding DJ and the company has a small wedding venue for elopements.)

The Saturday before the party, we went to an Ohio State football game in the rain and I was already not feeling the best. By the time it was over, I was ready for bed at 6 pm. My fiancé made me get out of bed because we just HAD to go get the tables from his office.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Columbus, OH

When we pulled up the office, I could see through the glass windows a lot of lighting…candles maybe? When we walked in, a circle was set up with candles and his guitar sat beside it. Before I know it, he was playing the guitar playing “Grow Old with Me” from The Wedding Singer. He asked me to marry him and I said ABSOLUTELY!

Come to find out, my fiancé has orchestrated the Friendsgiving as an engagement party and we had to go get tables to get me to the office!

Can’t wait to marry this man ❤️