Amber and Alex

How We Met

From Amber: We first met in 2005 while both of us were on active duty in the US Marine Corps at Base Quantico in Northern Virginia. At a house party, Alex asked for my phone number, but I was married at the time so I didn’t give him the time of day. We didn’t stay in touch, but 13 years later, we found each other again via a mutual friend on social media.

From Alex: I snooped through her photos online and thought she was gorgeous. After reconnecting, I found her smart as well as gorgeous, and I was surprised by how strongly I felt about her after a short amount of time.

From Amber: When I found Alex online, I remember thinking he was still very handsome—and charming. I reached out to catch up and within a couple of weeks, our “catching up” turned to flirting, and then flirting became talk of planning a visit to see each other (we lived 950 miles apart at the time). We decided to meet in New Orleans—he flew and I drove—and we’ve been together ever since.

how they asked

From Amber: Five months after reuniting in New Orleans, we started to talk about marriage, so I had an inkling a proposal might be coming. But I didn’t know how, when or where. On a Saturday morning in July, Alex enlisted my niece and her boyfriend to “steal” me. They blindfolded me and drove me in circles in an attempt to confuse me! When the blindfold came off there was Alex, standing under a canopy of trees in my absolute favorite spot from childhood: Bridge Road in Hobe Sound, Florida. It’s the road my family would take to the beach, and I always loved how the sunlight shined through the small spaces between the branches and leaves.

From Alex: Surprisingly, I did not plan out what I was going to say. I figured when the time came, it would naturally roll off my tongue. I told her she’s made me so incredibly happy, bettered me as a man spiritually and mentally, and that I could not have been blessed with a better woman by my side.

From Amber: With my parents and 13-year-old daughter, Aryiah, present, Alex nervously knelt down and I started to tear up. I just felt so cherished and special as he spoke thoughtfully and openly about his feelings. Of course, I said “yes,” and then he turned to Aryiah and proposed to her with a matching rose gold and moissanite necklace. Alex thanked Aryiah for allowing him to be part of her life, promised her that he would always be by her side, and then asked if she wanted to be a family forever.

Alex proposed with a 3.60-carat round moissanite set in 14k rose gold from Charles & Colvard. I always knew I wanted a conflict-free diamond. But after more research, we decided on moissanite, which is considered a diamond alternative. We loved the fact that moissanite holds the fire and sparkle of top-grade diamonds, and is nearly as strong and heat-resistant as one, while being more ethically and financially sound. (Want to learn more about moissanite? Check out some FAQs about this unique gemstone.)

From Alex: We shopped online, and our Charles & Colvard customer service agent was friendly, professional and comfortable. We did not feel rushed; she genuinely cared about our concerns and answered all of our questions. The entire process, from shopping through shipping, was pleasant and timely.

From Amber:The setting is unique, the rose gold looks great against my skin tone, and I love how the moissanite sparkles, especially in low light. I absolutely love it!

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