Amber and Adrian

How We Met

I met Adrian in September of 2011. I had just transferred to Mississippi State University from Biloxi, MS, to earn my Bachelors in Psychology. I had no intentions of having a boyfriend in college, but apparently that wasn’t fates plan. I had gotten out of a serious relationship in the sprint of 2011, so being in another serious relationship wasn’t what I had in mind. However, that changed when I met Adrian. I was still new to the University and was working on making new friends. We met at a party after a football game and were introduced through mutual friends.

It wasn’t until the next morning when I received a friend request on Facebook from him saying it was great meeting me and that we should hang out again soon (with his phone number listed at the bottom). We ended up hanging out in the middle of the drill field a few days later. what was supposed to be for a few minutes turned into a couple of hours. He ended up walking me to the library where I was meeting a class mate to work on a project. Before he walked away, he turned around, looked at me, and said “when can I see you again?”

A few weeks had passed and he had asked me on several dates. I told him i wasn’t completely sure, but he eventually convinced me to say yes. He picked me up from my hall on campus and took me to this little restaurant called Stromboli’s. To this very day, it is my favorite restaurant to eat at. It was then when I realized that I really liked him.

How many people can actually say that their future husband asked if it was ok to kiss you? It wasn’t until several dates later when we had our first kiss. However, it wasn’t until October 29th, 2011, when he asked me at a halloween party to be his girlfriend.

how they asked

It was the morning of the 2016 MSU vs Auburn game and I had received a text message from my little asking me to meet her on the Junction at the bulldog statue. My mother was in town for the game and my little wanted to see us and take pictures. Turns out, this was all part of his plan. I had no idea he was even in town. I thought that he was four hours away in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, working on a project for the Boy scouts of America.

Apparently he drove four hours to Starkville, MS, and plotted with my room mate and my ZTA sisters to get me to that very spot; the spot where we have taken both of our graduation photos over the years. It was at precisely 11:00 AM where he appeared out of nowhere through a crowd of people. I was in absolute shock. It had been over a month since the last time I saw him, mostly due to my busy schedule in Graduate School, but here he was. With tears in my eyes while asking, “What are you doing here?”, that’s when he got down on one knee and asked, “Will you marry me?”.

Image 1 of Amber and Adrian

I said “Yes!”

Image 2 of Amber and Adrian