Bob and Amy's Amazing Underwater Marriage Proposal

Image 1 of Amy and Bob

how we met – amy

Bob and I were actually set-up. I had joined a singles group, Events and Adventures, after my divorce. I was not looking for a relationship with anyone, I just wanted to meet new people and be more active. Nicole Shapiro, a rep for Events and Adventures, signed me up for the club three months prior also signed up Bob. She sent me Bob’s number and asked me to contact him and maybe meet up at an event. For some reason she thought we would “hit it off”. We meet for the first time during a walk around Green Lake in Seattle, after which Bob went out of town on a business trip. We spent the next couple of week’s texting each other. I think we had over 500 texts back and forth. I do not think I had ever laughed or smiled more in my life. Bob came back a day early to take me to dinner for our first date. I think for both of us, we knew that we had a future together by our second date two days later. For me, I fell pretty hard pretty fast in love with him. I have never felt more comfortable or more “at home” with anyone like I do with Bob. We moved in together after about 3 months. We just do not like not being without each other. We have had a wonderful and blessed life together since we met two years ago. Bob gave me a fairy tale proposal. We are going to be married on a beach somewhere and have a wonderful love story and life journey together!

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how they asked – bob

I had been thinking of asking her to marry me for sometime. My parents and whole family (including my ex mother in law and brother in law- lol) adore her. Sadly, my mother recently was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I know how much it would mean to her if we were at least engaged before she passed so I bumped up my time table a bit. We were going on a dive vacation to Roatan, Honduras for her 50th birthday and I wanted to do something special. The week prior I was on a business trip to Juneau, AK and stopped into a jewelry store to purchase the ring. I know nothing about what women like in jewelry so I trusted the sales lady and texted pictures to friends that gave the thumbs up!

Image 3 of Amy and Bob

I do underwater photography so I am rarely in any of the pictures or videos we have, so I hired a videographer. We knew she’d be suspicious about having him there so we cooked up the story that I am never in any of the video’s so I hired him to make a “birthday dive video”. He and I agreed to find a sandy bottom where it was safe to get on my knees (one knee is tough at fifty feet) but as soon as we got set the dive guide found a Sea Horse and pulled everyone’s attention away- including Amy! (you can see me gesturing in the video- lol)

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Well, she eventually turned, saw me calling and came over. I had the ring clipped in my buoyancy compensator vest and wrote the proposal on a dive slate.

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She nodded her head yes, hugged me, and I gave her the ring underwater! We have yet to set a date as another unexpected event in life happened they day I came back to work- I got laid off after 25 years with the same company! We are working on doing an intimate beach wedding possibly in Italy next year. Looking forward to spending my life with the sweetest, kindest lady I have ever met…

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