An Amazing Serenade Proposal in NYC

How They Met: Paul and Azalea first met at work. Their working relationship soon blossomed into a romance and the two fell in love. When Paul introduced Azalea to his kids he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her because of the way she complimented his family so seamlessly.

how they asked: Azalea’s passion for art and painting was the inspiration for Paul’s unforgettable marriage proposal. The day started with a casual stroll down a New York City street when the couple saw a sign for an Open House Community Art Class. Azalea, surprised at Paul’s interest in the class, agreed to participate, not knowing that the whole thing was designed for her.

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About 15 minutes into the class, an acoustic guitar in the distance began to play “Marry Me” by Train. A fellow students then began to hum the melody. One by one the students broke our singing until the entire room was buzzing. Azalea, humming along with the tune, was still completely unaware of what was going on or what was about to come. It wasn’t until the singers lead Paul and Azalea into the next room that Azalea understood what was happening.

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As the couple walked through the doors they were met with a pianist and a gorgeous display of flowers potted in paint cans and a mural with “Will You Marry Me?” painted across.

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Azalea was still in shock as Paul dropped to one knee and presented her with the ring! After receiving a ‘Yes’ Paul and Azalea shared a wonderful champagne toast!

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Planning by Brilliant Event Planning // Video by Tweed Videographers // Photos by Daniel J Photography