Amazing Proposal Video (lots of tears in this one!)

Image 1 of Amazing Proposal Video (lots of tears in this one!)

How We Met: Corbin first noticed Kandace, in the cafeteria at Howard Payne University, where they both attended college. Kandace was a new freshman, class of 2012, and Corbin was a junior, class of 2010. It was “Parents Weekend” and Corbin actually saw Kandace’s mother and her sitting at a table facing him, and was taken aback by how much they favored. Today, Kandace always teases Corbin that it was her mom who first caught his eye. Kandace and Corbin didn’t officially meet, however, until later that semester at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes huddle meeting. They were both college athletes. Kandace played tennis, and Corbin played football. Through FCA, they became friends and started talking. Corbin was definitely “wooing and pursuing” Kandace, but she were not interested in dating and played hard to get. That all changed when they were separately invited to a Christmas party by some mutual friends in December 2008. Afterwards, Kandace finally gave into hanging out withCorbin and invited him to the lobby of her dorm for a friendly coloring competition for their first date. Fun Times! The rest is history! Kandace and Corbin stayed in touch over the Christmas break and talked a lot on the phone, then started seeing each other the following January when they returned to school for the spring semester. Shortly after Corbin bought Kandace roses for Valentine’s Day, they officially became “girlfriend and boyfriend” on February 20, 2009. After more than two years of dating, Kandace and Corbin were engaged on May 1, 2011 and married on December 31, 2011.

how they asked: Corbin proposed to Miss Kandace Schuelke on May 1, 2011. Their relationship journey officially started on February 20, 2009 when Kandace gave Corbin her first “yes” to becoming his girlfriend. Kandace and Corbin met in college at Howard Payne University in Brownwood, Texas. When they met Kandace was a freshman, class of 2012, and Corbin was a junior, class of 2010. After dating for over 2 years, Corbin quickly realized that he wanted to marry Kandace and was ready to propose. Kandace and Corbin had actually spent a lot of time discussing the expectations of her dream proposal, engagement ring, and wedding. Since she was a little girl, Kandace had always desired it to be an intimate and romantically thought-out surprise proposal. The only problem was Kandace had also made it very clear to Corbin that she wanted to wait until the fall of 2011 to get engaged. But Corbin was ready about 4 or 5 months before that approved window on Kandace’s recommended timeline to pop the big question.

Needless to say, Corbin took some initiative and went ahead with his planning and scheming. Corbin knew that if he just did it exactly Kandace’s way and waited for the green light from her that she would be expecting it and not surprised at all. So Corbinwas on a mission and made a very intentional trip to Dallas and purchased the ring of her dreams on April 25, 2011. After buying the ring, Corbin quickly realized he couldn’t hold on to it for very long without wanting to give it to her. So Corbinimmediately talked to Kandace’s dad that night and received Mr. Schuelke’s permission and blessing on their engagement.

Afterward, ideas began to flood Corbin’s head with how to make this as special and fairy tale as possible in order to fulfill all Kandace’s desires. Corbin ended up making a trip to Abilene, Texas that week to check out several different locations. After scouting the possibilities with his sister and Kandace’s sister who both lived in Abilene, Corbin chose to do it at the Erin Shire Gardens.

Corbin had a perfect spot and a game plan ready to execute by that Sunday, only 6 days after buying the ring. He wanted them to be dressed up at sunset and secretly waiting for her at the garden. So Corbin had Kandace’s sister help lure her to Abilene that weekend so she wouldn’t think it was his random idea and suspect anything. Corbin asked her sister to invite Kandace to her house for what she thought was just “sister pictures” on Sunday evening.

Everything was going well. Kandace took the bait and they were planning on leaving for Abilene on Sunday morning to meet up for lunch and hang out with her sister and brother-in-law, and then the girls would go take pictures that night. Corbin even had his mom and sister lined up to help decorate the place on Sunday afternoon and transform this little barn-wood chapel out back into how he had envisioned it. They hung mason jars with candles from the rafters inside and painted Kandace and Corbin’s names and favorite Scriptures on the walls, and surrounded the place with rose petals, candles, and pictures of them everywhere. It was perfect.

Other than overcast skies and a chilly breeze, everything was going according to plan until they got about 20 miles down the road on their way to Abilene that Sunday morning. Corbin had so many things on his mind as they packed up to go that morning, and had already hidden his black suite behind the back seat in his truck so she wouldn’t wonder why he had it. Then as Corbin went to pick her up, Kandace refused to let him drive and was adamant about driving her car and using her gas since they were going to see her family. Which normally Corbin wouldn’t have had a problem with this, but he knew he already had all his stuff hidden and loaded in his pick-up. But Kandace was resolute and won as usual so Corbin had to stressfully sneak his suite, dress shirt, shoes, and tie over to her car without her noticing, which he successfully did.

However, about halfway there, Corbin realized he had forgotten the most important thing of the day…the RING!!! Corbin was so busy being sneaky and thinking about everything and trying to keep Kandace happy, that he forgot to get the engagement ring he had already hidden in his truck. So as they were driving, Kandace was talking about marriage and Corbin was smiling thinking about how he was going to shock her in just a few hours, and then it hit him! Instantly, Corbin started freaking out inside his head and made a u-turn back to Brownwood because he knew he absolutely had to have that key ingredient to ask her to marry him later that evening. But, Kandace started throwing a fit and questioning Corbin because she didn’t understand why they had turned around. She was yelling at him because they were going to miss the lunch and waste half the day with her family. The whole time Kandace was asking, Corbin couldn’t tell her what he was going back for so she was not a happy camper to say the least. Kandace kept asking, “What could be so important that you forgot and have to turn around for this far away, but can’t tell me?” She wouldn’t let it go. So when they did get back to Corbin’s truck, he ended up pretending like it was his mom’s Mother’s Day gift in a bag that he had forgotten but needed to give to his sister in Abilene to take home that next weekend since he wouldn’t be able to go home and see his mom on Mother’s Day. But Kandace didn’t think that was an important enough excuse or worth turning back for so she was even more furious and continued to fight with him, all the way to Abilene. The whole way Corbin kept thinking, “Great I really don’t know if this is going to happen tonight, I think she really might say no.” So Corbin was doing everything he could to get back on her good side and eventually won her over about the time they got to her sister’s house in Abilene.

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Corbin was relieved and ready to go through with this! So Kandace got dressed and ready to leave with her sister to go take pictures around town. When she slipped out, Corbin quickly got dressed and then headed over to the Erin Shire Gardens, where his mom and sister had just completed the finishing touches on the chapel. It looked amazing, and when Corbin was all ready and everything was in place, he texted Kandace’s sister and told her to head over with Kandace. A few minutes later, Kandace came wondering back towards the back edge of the garden lawn where Corbin was waiting. When Kandace saw all the candles and roses, she peaked in the chapel and saw Corbin, and instantly began to tear up. Corbin described it as, “The sweetest and most heart pumping moment of my life. Kandace looked so beautiful!” From there, Corbin proceeded to share his heart with her through the words that he had rehearsed all week and then dropped to a knee and asked her to marry him. As you know, Kandace said YES to become Mrs. Corbin Young and made him the happiest guy in the world!

After they had a few minutes alone to appreciate the moment, Kandace and Corbin’s parents and siblings all came rushing in from their hiding places to surprise her. Without Kandace having a clue, Corbin had invited both of their families to celebrate the special night with them. It all came together perfectly and truly was happily ever after!

As part of his plan, Corbin originally asked one of his best friends, Matt Hoover, and his wife to film the entire proposal simply because he wanted to visually be able to share the story and memory with their children, family, and friends in the years to come. They are both very creative videographers and do a lot of wedding videos.

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Video by Hoover Films